a website with a whole new flavor

a website with a whole new flavor

LiDestri, the parent company of Recipe21, came to us with the vision of a brand new website that not only matched their brand, but also helped promote its recipes and liquors to boost sales. Recipe21 primarily focuses on vodka-based spirits, but does have whiskies and gin in their repertoire as well.

We worked with the Recipe21 team and their creatives closely as to create a website that was what they needed, but also giving way to some of the more interesting ideas that their team wanted as well.

I enjoyed working on this as most liquor brands fall into a bit of a sameness in monochomatics with maybe an accent for color. With Recipe21, however, we were able to use color to really push their product pages as vibrant and cool even with a lack of content on some of the pages.


Web Design

team members

Alphan Günaydın
Connor DeHann
Jonathan Schoeck


Recipe21’s website was meant to promote their newest and best selling liquor products. By collaborating with LiDestri’s creatives, we helped in making the site flow in a user friendly way  that suited everyone’s needs.

A standout part to their site included an all-size hamburger menu that expanded halfway on the screen at desktop size. Originally, the client was hesitant about it as she didn’t want to do anything to detract from the site itself. With enough reassurance, we went with it and it worked out wonderfully. We also decided to go with a full-black layout as to really push the clients’ want for the colors to stand out. You can really see this with some of the homepage sliders & product pages.

Initial concept sitemap
A spiral of Recipe21's Orange, cherry, and grape flavored vodka on a psychedelic background

product pages

As mentioned previously, the product pages on this site were meant to be the most driven to pages on their website, so it was important to make them as colorful and informative as possible. We made the entire above-the-fold just the product, the sizes available, and the CTA driving to find where the product was sold. The colors for each of these sections was either based off of client recommendation or label color. By stacking elements and allowing for the bottle image to flow over two separate sections, if gave the layered look we were going for and kept most attention on the product.

Out of all the pages on this site, these were my favorite to design and develop purely based on the color coding and how much more fun the colors made the products seem.

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