there are so many ways to greet each other

my name is abby. i’ve got a big heart, big dreams, and an inability to think of a good third option.

Thanks to the rocking professors and amazing friends around me at RIT, I got to hone my skill and really take off as a designer. In that time I’ve come to work with a plethora of clients and industries. I’ve found a love in the visual and UI design world, but nothing will beat out my general want to learn anything and everything.

being a storyteller is what I do best

I’ve been telling stories for as long as I could form complex sentences. Whether it was about the viscous tragedies that befell my Barbies or adding some excitement to what was a normal day of school, I always was spinning some sort of tale. Perhaps that’s because only so much happened in a town of 4,000. 

An outlet, however, came to me at a very young age in the form of video games. There was something so engaging and fascinating about collecting all the Golden Spatulas or running over hordes of Flood in a warthog. While some of my childhood games may not have been…appropriate…for my age, without them I wouldn’t have such a wild imagination.

a few of my favorite things

bake tons of food

play tabletop rpgs

read weird books

write weird stories

hang out with my cat

game & chill

all it takes is some elbow grease, three cups of coffee, and a bottle of rose

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