bringing the esports scene to upstate ny

bringing the esports scene to upstate ny

The people at ELITE GameCon came with the want to bring the popular gaming convention audience to central New York. They wanted to be the next PAX with a stand out brand design with a new & innovative website to match. The audience they were playing to, gamer culture, was completely new to them and the last thing they wanted to do was get it wrong.

Before starting any in-depth development in the design, we worked with the client on a brand discovery to find what can make them tick and it helped set some great starting ground for developments going forward.


Brand Design
Web Design

team members

Alphan Günaydın
Connor DeHann
Jonathan Schoeck
Scott Cole


Seattle, Boston, Chicago–these are the type of cities known for game cons. If we were ever going to compete with the likes of Pax and Blizzcon, we needed to look the part. Our objective was to level-up the ELITE brand, making it feel established yet fresh, big yet welcoming, familiar yet unexpected.

We knew we needed a glyph icon to accompany the wordmark that would translate across multiple gamer types. After countless iterations, we landed on the directional pad as a baseline for introducing the use of basic shapes. We then expanded it to resonate across the different gamer types. A 20-sided die spoke to tabletop gamers. And a headset reflected our esports audience.


The goal of this website was to be new, different, and most importantly, responsive. When researching competitors, we found that very few had responsive functionalities, which is odd since over 50% of all internet usage is on mobile devices.

So, we came up with a design style that emulated certain gamer aesthetics & interations while keeping the information concise, retainable, and easy to find.

We incorporated two intractable elements; an expanding squares menu w/ selector functionality, and a slider on the homepage detailing what ELITE stands for. While these were shots in the dark, they paid off and it helped to step the site to a whole new level. 

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