giving the experts a whole new vision

giving the experts a whole new vision

Robbins Eye is a well-renowned practice from LASIK eye surgery to a basic eye exam. They came to our team wanting a new refresh with their website as well as their social ads.

After a positive meet & greet with the Robbins Eye contact, we got to work on some creative and web design to really help push the fun, creative, yet professional style that they’ve been dreaming of.


Web Design

team members

Alphan Günaydın
Jonathan Schoeck

social ads

Compared to some of Robbins Eye’s other services, LASIK eye surgery was something that their team wanted to specifically target younger people with. Keeping that in mind, we developed concepts for them that brought new color and life to their ads.

Following current trends targeting younger audiences, we went with staged stock that used bright & layered colors and the bold message in post.

Both I and the client really enjoy these vibes and we used these to influence elements on the website.


Professional, yet modern. Young, yet serious. When it came to working on this website, we had to make sure it fit all those criteria as well as making it visually accessible to those with possible impaired vision.

Keeping the important sections of the site to the accent colors of blue & orange help to draw a user’s eye through the flow of where they need to visit. We used copy from their old site, but broke it up using white & off-white sectioning.

We knew we wanted to redo the site’s forms, but going about it was a bit trickier. Internally, myself, another designer, and our principal web dev worked on creating a multi-variable, multi-step form using a customized NinjaForm. It turned out better than I could have hoped. On top of our custom error states and focus on accessibility, we also wanted this to be as secure and as interactive a form as possible, so we used both a backend honeypot captcha as well as a click & hold user-end captcha. Using these as opposed to a standard reCAPTCHA saved us time & money and helped gamify the form’s user experience and accessibility.

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